Gold Au $2333.94 $29.85
Silver Ag $29.60 $0.62
Platinum Pt $965.51 $7.96
Palladium Pd $906.04 $-7.41
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The safest way to protect your certified coins

SlabGuards Clear View

About SlabGuards™

Slabguards is the newest and safest way to protect your certified assets. They are clear round stickers that are to be placed on a coin holder over the viewing area of the coin which will prevent possible scratching and scraping that can mar the holder’s outside surface, often making the coin difficult to see. It is similar to the crystal on a watch that prevents scratching so the dial can be read.

The sticker was developed to protect the area where you view the coin on the exterior of the case. What good is the case if you have to take the coin out to view it? The sticker completely eliminates the surface-scratching problem by keeping the coin case like new. The clear round sticker uses static cling to keep the coin viewing area scratch free. There is no glue on the material, so it can be lifted up and placed again or removed when adding your coin to your collection. The product now has been granted patent pending status from the U.S. government’s Patent Office.NO. US 62/164,389